Pacific Center Podcast

Welcome to the Pacific Center Podcast. This podcast features interviews with a wide range of healthcare practitioners, researchers, authors, innovators, athletes, entrepreneurs, and more. You can look forward to some thought-provoking conversations on the latest research about the use of diet, exercise, herbs, nutritional supplements, and other traditional and integrative healthcare practices to promote optimal health and achieve peak performance.

Private Practice Plus | Jake Fratkin

Feb 06,  2020
Welcome to the Pacific College of Health and Science podcast channel. Today’s podcast is part of a series called Private Practice Plus.

Looking Back and Looking Forward at Pacific College | Jack Miller

Sep 16,  2019
Our special guest, Jack Miller, president of Pacific College of Oriental Medicine, looks backward and forward at Chinese medicine in the United States.

Biohacking | Amy Albright

Aug 21,  2019
Biohacking is a modern technological approach to the classical Chinese medical philosophy of nourishing life. Learn about Dr. Amy Albright's journeys in biohacking in this one-on-one interview with Dr. Greg Lane.

Energy Medicine | Jill Blakeway

Jul 02,  2019
In this exclusive interview, Jill Blakeway, author of Sex Again and co-author of Making Babies, speaks on her new book Energy Medicine