What does it mean to create a safe and ethical space for our patients AND ourselves in our practices? In this podcast, Shellie Goldstein explores this question which is the center of her upcoming presentations at Pacific Symposium 2021.  In addition, Shellie shares the exciting news of a new certificate program called The Face Program which she has created in collaboration with many several leaders of our field including Lillian Bridges, Mary Elizabeth Wakefield, Michelle Gellis, and Matt Callison. There is so much information and thought-provoking material that goes beyond the presentation title of “Ethics and Safety”. You won’t want to miss this podcast. 

– For more information about Pacific College’s cosmetic acupuncture program, visit https://www.pacificcollege.edu/face

– Dr Shellie Goldstein will be speaking at the 2021 Pacific Symposium. Information and registration https://www.pacificcollege.edu/symposium/

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