In this episode, Greg Lane interviews Felice Dunas. They discuss how Felice got into Chinese medicine. You’ll hear about the history of Chinese sexual practices. They talk about the problems with sex education in America and what can be done about it. Felice talks about the kinds of responses she gets from her patients or clients. You’ll learn about the anatomy of the sex organs and how they pertain to the Zang Fu organs and Qi cultivation. Then, they talk about sexual positions. Ancient Daoists recorded over 30! They also talk about the Yin Yang dynamic of relationship, foreplay and the dance of attraction before we even get to intercourse. You’ll also learn about what the classics had to say about non-binary partners. Finally, Felice tells us about her planned presentations for Pacific Symposium this year.

– Felice Dunas will be speaking at the 2021 Pacific Symposium. Information and registration

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