The Spirit of the San Jiao: The Developmental Fu


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Children are the “canaries in the coal mine” of our modern society: they show us what is needed to heal our world. The growth and development of a child’s early years lay the foundation for health throughout their life. The examination of patterns of growth and development lies at the heart of Chinese medicine and treating children is a perfect opportunity to deepen our understanding of Dao, yin-yang dynamics, and the Five Phase relations. The San Jiao Triple Burner is a novel concept in Chinese medicine that, until recently, was entirely overlooked in Western medicine. Recent advances in systems-based medicine in the West have begun identifying a unified neuro-gastro-immune complex that classical Chinese medicine conceptualized 2000 years ago in such texts as the Nanjing Classic of Difficulties. This has broad applications in understanding the dynamic processes of child development and treating the epidemics of alienation in our modern life. The San Jiao Triple Burner offers us ways to navigate the difficult and often confusing cases of chronic inflammation that manifest as fibromyalgia, allergies, intolerances, autoimmunities, anxieties, and developmental disorders such as ADHD and autism. Join Dr. Cowan in a deep dive into the ways to promote health, resilience, memory, and environmental coherence within the unity of body-mind-spirit in children of all ages. Acupuncture, qi gong, tui na, craniosacral techniques, and herbs will all be included in this discussion.

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