Integrating Functional Medicine with TCM: Detox Protocols for Liver and Kidney

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Instructor: Jake Fratkin, OMD, LAc

4 CEUs/PDAs (CAB and NCCAOM approved)

Part of Integrating Functional Medicine with TCM: The Complete Series

Pacific Center for Lifelong Learning: CEP 100

Recorded Webinar

Course Description

This course is part of a yearlong program. Recorded versions of the live webinars will be made available in the week following each of the live classes so you can join the program at any time. If you purchase one or more live or recorded courses individually before signing up for the whole series, you will be given credit toward the purchase of the series.

Are you experiencing a sharp increase in the number of patients who suffer from complex, chronic diseases within your clinic?

Modern environmental toxins put an unnatural burden on organs and systems within the body including the liver, kidney, lymphatics, digestive tract, and connective tissue. Learn to successfully restore these organs and systems to their healthy state through a combination of Chinese herbal formulas and nutritional supplements.

Reinstate the health of your patients and maintain their vitality through a unique fusion of classic and modern approaches.