Moods in the Clinic

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All of us are affected by moods. The Huang Di Nei Jing, Shang Han Lun, and other texts teach that the body and mind are conditioned by outside factors such as weather, food, family, upbringing, and more. Physical symptoms can shape and condition our moods, and they can shape the experience of our diseases. At times, the moods that seem to accompany some diseases or life difficulties can seem too intense to tolerate. Participants of this course will learn how to interview those in distress and arrive at a clear diagnosis. Discover how to choose the best formulas, point combinations, and relevant adjunctive therapies to effectively treat a wide variety of common mood disorders.

Greg has been working out of the Health & Healing Wellness Centre for over six years and is fully integrated into the clinic. For those of you whom may not have met Greg before, he is one of Australia’s most experienced practitioners with over 35 years of clinical experience as an acupuncturist, traditional Chinese herbalist, massage therapist, dietician and exercise therapist. His focus is general practice, with specialist training in the areas of gynecology (fertility and women’s health issues), mood disorders, skin disorders, chronic or acute pain, general well being and more.

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