Lorraine Wilcox, professor, author, and translator of Chinese medical texts, gives us more details about the two presentations she will be giving at Symposium this year: Pills, powders, and Decoctions is her morning lecture where she explains that formulas were created in specific formats to elicit specific results in the body. Even if you could improve the treatment outcomes from your herbal prescriptions by five or ten percent, wouldn’t you want to do that? In the afternoon, Lorraine will show attendees how to make Chinese herbal syrups. In her 3-hour workshop, Lorraine will make one of her favorite herbal syrups with everyone and have samples of several other syrups to try. We ended this interview/podcast with some exciting news around a recent translation performed by Lorraine centered on the last copy of a book written by a famous ancient female Chinese medicine physician: Miscellaneous records of a female doctor. Lorraine’s translations of this text have now been woven into a modern and famous novelist’s upcoming book.  Listen in.

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