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Instructor: Holly Guzmán, OMD, LAc

3 CEUs NCCAOM and CAB Approved

Pacific Center for Lifelong Learning: CEP 100

Pacific Symposium Video*

*Pacific Symposium Video: Pacific Symposium Video courses are made from archival footage from past Pacific Symposiums. The video and audio quality is not as good as the recorded webinars, and there are typically no handouts available to download.

Course Description

This course is an overview of treating pregnant women in each of the trimesters that contributes to that all-important prenatal qi. For example, embryos the size of a pea do not need the same dose of iron and calcium that they will when they weigh several pounds. Taking the same doses of supplements in early pregnancy and late pregnancy is standard in prenatal teachings. However, the dose of minerals is excess for the first trimester, contributing to vomiting and constipation, and inadequate to build the baby's blood and bones in the third trimester. It makes sense to offer distinctly different support for each trimester. In this course, the most clinically supportive advice regarding acupuncture, nutrition, and herbs for each trimester will be clearly laid out.