Founder & president of The Association for Traditional Studies, Andrew Nugent-Head lived in China for 28 years before returning to the US in 2014. He moved to China in 1986 to study Chinese medicine, internal cultivation practices and martial arts. He was privileged to learn in traditional mentor-disciple relationships with the last generation of practitioners born and educated prior to the arrival of Communism in 1949. Andrew is one of the only contemporary practitioners to have learned classical medicine directly from the practitioners who were trained before it was modernized into what is ironically known today as Traditional Chinese Medicine, or TCM. Dedicated to saving the skills and perspectives of these practitioners, his work generated thousands of hours of footage and hundreds of seminars. Along with his wife and fellow practitioner JulieAnn, he runs a teaching clinic highlighting the efficacy of classical Chinese medicine. The Alternative Clinic is the realization of a dream each of his teachers shared: to create a place where patients can experience the true efficacy this medicine, a place where the clinical practice of Chinese medicine can be taught in an open, encouraging environment.