How do I use a coupon code?

  1. Find the courses you want that your coupon code applies to
  2. Click Enroll Me
  3. Click the Cart at the upper right of the site to go to the checkout
  4. Enter your coupon code
  5. Fill in your information and complete the checkout
    Note that the zip code needs to match what is on file with your credit card company.

Be sure the classes you have added to your cart are in the scope of your coupon code.
For example, the coupon will state that it only applies to on-demand courses or a specific course.

Once checkout is complete you will be taken to a 'Thank you' page. Please wait 30 seconds for the system to enroll you into the course. After 30 seconds, check 'My Courses'. If you do not see your course, please hit the refresh button. It should not take longer than a minute for your courses to appear.