Flourishing Yin: Classical Medicine in Practice for the Modern Woman

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Dr. Lia Andrews uses her knowledge of the classics, wisdom from her mentors, and clinical experience to present a practical system of healthy living for women. This series selects key practices to optimize women’s health and beauty through preserving jing at each stage of a woman’s life, Chinese cosmetology, and Daoist sexual cultivation. If you would like to offer the women you treat more than temporary relief from the symptoms of infertility, menstruation or menopause, or geriatrics, Dr. Andrews can help!

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Class Schedule
 All classes in this series are now available as On-Demand classes
  1. Jing: The Heart of Nurturing Life (On-Demand)
  2. Menstrual Renewal: How to Love Your Period (On-Demand)
  3. Postpartum Recovery: The Secret to Womens Jing Conservation (On-Demand)
  4. Menopausal Care: How to Flourish During Your Second Spring (On-Demand)
  5. Inner Beauty: The Secret of Chinese Cosmetology (On-Demand)
  6. Daoist Sexuality for Women: Empowerment and Cultivation (On-Demand)

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