QiGong Strategies to
Improve Client Healing
Live Webinar
November 21st, 2020
1:00 pm - 4:00 pm pm Eastern Time
Ayurveda for Oriental Medicine Practitioners:
Food as Medicine
Dr. Lia Andrew's Flourishing Yin Advanced Study

Flourishing Yin: Classical Medicine in Practice for the Modern Woman

Flourishing Yin: Classical Medicine in Practice for the Modern Woman

Integrating Functional Medicine with TCM
The Complete Series

Integrating Functional Medicine with TCM:
The Complete Series

Precision in Herbal Formulation
The Qin Bowei Method

Precision in Herbal Formulation:
The Qin Bowei Method


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Greg Bantick, DiplAc, MTOM
Greg Bantick received his early education in Chinese medicine in Sydney, Australia, and was instrumental in developing one of the early training programs in Brisbane. He arranged trips by several leading Chinese and Japanese scholar practitioners to Australia during the early 1980’s. Bantick undertook further lengthy training in China, Japan, England, and at the Pacific College of Oriental Medicine. While in San Diego, he served in curriculum advisory roles and as a senior faculty member and clinical supervisor for over 15 years. In 2001, he became Academic Dean and Clinical Director of the Seattle Institute of Oriental Medicine. He returned to Brisbane in early 2005, where he has a clinical practice and continues to teach part time. Bantick has also maintained a private practice for over 40 years.